What a great assortment of colors these gel pens come in. You get a pack of 24 gel pens that all have comfort grips. In the color assortment you get pastel colors, glittery colors and neon colors. They have fine point tips and write very smoothly. They come ion a clear case with 2 snaps to store them in. These are great for adult coloring books, and children of all ages.

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These socks just cracked me up, even though I don’t cuss there are times I would like too. They come in a 6 pack, all 6 pair are black with different color wording, toes and heel area and stripes at the ankle areas. The toes and heels are reinforced and they have a great amount of stretch to them.

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I LOVE HEARTS. I collect anything that is hearts. This heart pendant necklace is way prettier in person than it is in this picture. It is 1 single large heart clear stone with a heart around it. The heart around it has small clear stones that go all the way around the larger heart. It is on a very dainty chain that has an extender chain giving you more options on the length to wear it around your neck.

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My spare bathroom is small and on top of that it was painted a dark tan. I recently painted it a very pale yellow, but it is still not as bright as my grand daughters would like it to be for when they visit. They could spend hours doing hair and makeup. These vanity mirror lights have helped tremendously. I really like that they are dimmable. They are super easy to attach to my mirror. They come with suction cups and also double stick tape, so you have the option of how to attach. I only needed the suction cups. They hold them in place perfectly. It’s pretty neat how the cable wraps around the base of the light, making it that it will fit around any size mirror.

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I just love writing with these glitter gel pens. It is so relaxing to use these with the adult coloring books in the evenings with a glass of wine. These come in a 24 pack and you get a very nice assortment of colors to choose from. They write very smoothly and have the comfort grips. They come in a cleat plastic case that snaps shut to keep them from falling out.

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super soft & a great length

I was pleasantly surprised how well this robe fit, I have long arms and most of my clothes fit me short in the length and this robe fits great. It is very soft and keeps me nice and warm in the mornings and evenings. It has 2 front pockets and a belt that has loop holes to keep it from falling. It has a turn down collar. It is very well made with nice and even stitching.



This is so much fun. It is super easy to set up, takes just a few minutes. It comes with an instruction book that is very easy to read and follow along, with pictures. I am 5’9 and weigh around 150 and this fits me perfectly as you can see by the video. It does come with a charge to it and on the 1st day that I got it I was climbing hills with no lag at all. It is very easy to charge it and only takes a few hours. There is a gauge on the top that you can see while riding it, to know how much charge is left, which is great if you aren’t close to home. It does have 1 headlight on the front. It has a bell and a normal hand brake like a bike. There is also an area on the back tire fender that you can press on if you needed too. I had no problem going down hills and using the handle brake. It has 2 gears. It folds and unfolds very easily in seconds. It really does go faster than I thought it would while carrying me.